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Penny wise?

Value-based pricing is a set amount based on the work and results expected. You’ll pay once a month for the services in your admin support package, or “retained monthly services.” As a result, you’ll get the best value for your dollars.  You’ll have a customized solution to your high-level admin support needs.   You’ll become a priority, ongoing client.

Please note that I personally perform the work for you.  I don’t subcontract work,  and I don’t have employees.  I limit the number of clients that I take on so that that ALL of them will receive services at the high quality they expect.  This is a one-to-one working relationship so I’m personally accountable for the quality and delivery of work.

Quality, pricing

Value-based pricing for quality

It might seem “expensive.”  However, can you “afford” to trust your critical work to people who may not be skilled or smart enough? Who can’t handle things that you need?  Who may be reticent to make good judgments, who need supervision to be productive, or who count every minute they are working?  Who will “jump ship” for better “gig”? Who aren’t reliable?

Advantages of Value-Based Pricing

You have value-based fees for my professional services. You’ll get the results and productivity, and performed without a need for supervision.

With a fixed monthly fee, you are free from tracking hours or wondering what the amount the bill will be.  Thus, there is no “padding” of bills that add unnecessary time or costs.  The initial consultation is thus very important because it will define the essential services that you will receive.

In addition, value-based fees help to maintain the proper independent contractor relationship for our mutual benefit.  Thus, you are not hiring (and are not liable for) an employee.

What happens if you need more services than expected?

No problem, pen and post-it, pricing

Flexibility is key

If the services you need exceed our initial agreement, then we will talk!  You won’t be left “stranded” if you need more help.  We will define these circumstances up-front, when we draw up our work agreement, so that you will know what to expect.

We can also amend your retained monthly services package for increased needs that will be ongoing.