How It Works

How it works:

You’ll receive a customized admin services package, for your specific business needs as a creative professional.

Imagine the time and freedom gained with the support of an admin expert. 

Think about: What essential tasks or business processes are you falling post it notes. Admin Servicesbehind on? Are you keeping your audience engaged through social media, or does lack of time prevent this? Is your website just sitting there without regular updates? How would it enhance your creativity if you could delegate to a skilled, reliable partner who specializes in administrative services? Can you benefit from someone with a detail orientation and experience in administration at the highest level of quality?

Weekly “Meeting” Keeps Us in Sync

We’ll set up a scheduled weekly “phone call meeting” so that we can work out any issues, coordinate work, and share upcoming events or important details. It’ll be important to commit to the meeting  so we don’t miss any crucial information between us. It doesn’t have to be a long meeting. Just a “touch base” once we are in sync.

Ongoing Support

files in a drawerRetained services agreement…to guarantee results and value. We will have a written agreement to help manage the commitment and terms of engagement.
Retained service is a key component, is valuable and is unique. It’s easy, effective, and makes a lot more sense than piecemeal or project-based work. There will be standard timelines for results and work product to be turned around that you can count on. The focus is on the bigger picture of your business, not just a transaction at a time or a client here and there. Observation of the flow of your activity can then guide any changes or ways to improve your results!

Tools and Technology

I maintain my own office space and equipment.
We will use email and text as primary communication. I will also make use of cloud-based access points for work documents or information we both need to access. An example is Dropbox, but this isn’t necessarily the one I will use. I can suggest the best way to deal with sharing information once I know how you will use my service.