For a consultation, call 800-921-2756, or send an email to judy (at) relianceadmin (dot) com.

The Process

At our initial consultation, I’ll ask you to provide some information first, and then we’ll meet or talk.  Expect to receive an email with a number of questions to respond to, in writing, prior to our meeting.  We can meet in person if possible, or talk on the phone.

TV girl, consultationWhat is it that you love about your work?  How is your creative career going right now?  Where do you want your art and life to take you?   What’s important to you?  How might I help you with your goals? How do you use technology for art and business?  What social media do you use for your audience? What admin work takes up too much of your time (or, isn’t getting fence art, consultationdone as needed)?paper clip, consultation


Thanks for your interest!  I look forward to meeting you.

-Judy M. Reyes