Who Are You?

You’re curious about “Admin Services for Authors and Creative Geniuses.” What’s it all about?

It’s about you.

hand-drawn design art Authors and Creative GeniusesYou know how important it is to keep communicating with your audience. Or, to begin building an audience. Or, to make connections. You want to keep focused on creative output, whatever your media may be. You want to make a living doing what you love to do.

There are certain admin functions like marketing, website updates, record-keeping, social media presence, organizing work, publishing, blogging, e-mail marketing, etc. that require on-going attention and detail.

You find this draining and difficult to keep up on a consistent basis.
You are appreciative of technology, yet a little weary of the constant demands it places on you. You’d appreciate someone to provide support for the work-a-day tasks of technology and someone to look for answers to the “how-to” questions that come up.

You are an intelligent and creative person who likes to work with people who can “hang” with you. Someone who isn’t just good at what they do, but someone who “gets” who you are and respects you. You also know that a good working relationship is about “give and take” and not just about “take.”

You’re successful and ambitious enough to invest in quality help, knowing the value that it provides and the professionalism it adds to your portfolio and image.

Authors and creative geniuses: Is this you?